Lunos e2™ HRV System

The LUNOS e2™ HRV  is a demand-flow, through wall variable ventilation system, coupled with a ceramic regenerative heat exchanger.

Operating and wired in pairs, these devices provide continuous ventilation without the need for duct-work and are installed directly through an exterior wall.



Technical Information:

Degree of efficiency 90,6%
Flow rate 18/ 31/ 38 m³/h
Power consumption per unit 1,4/ 2,8/ 3,3 W
Specific power consumption 0,09 W/m³/h
Supply voltage/frequency 12V DC
Humidity recovery approx. 20-30%
Measuring surface sound pressure level 16,5/ 19,5/ 26 dB
Standard sound pressure difference Dn,W,open 42 dB
Length 243 mm
Ø core hole 162 mm


  • Permission Z-51.3-242
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • EnEV and DIN 1946-6 compliant
  • Tested by DIN 308 and DIBt standard
  • Can be used in low-energy buildings
System Includes:
2 Lunos Ventilation Fans with Heat Recovery;
1 Lunos Universal Controller 5/UNI (Smart Comfort Control)
2 Interior Grills
Exterior Grills (optional aluminum grills available)
2 MERV 3 filters- (Pollen Filter -MERV 9 optional)
1 Polymer Sleeve- 20” or 510 mm (cut to length- typically used for two installations)
Wiring and Installation Instructions