Lunos ego™ HRV System

Lunos ego™ HRV is designed for optimum ventilation in small spaces.

(only for spaces under 150 sq.ft.)

Like the Lunos e² systems, the Lunos ego uses the principle of regenerative heat exchange. The difference is the ego has two fans in one unit. The two fans operate in opposite directions so that supply and exhaust air are moved at the same time.



The Lunos ego™ System comes with:

Technical Information:
Sound levels: from 17 db to 47 db
Power Consumption: from 1.0 w
Efficiency: 81.4%
Size: 6.1″ diameter and 18.7″ length (154 x 300 mm) – use in buildings with wall thicknesses of max 19.7 (500 mm)
System Includes:
1 Lunos ego™ Ventilation Fans with Heat Recovery;
1 Lunos ego™ Smart Control
1 ego™ Interior Vent Screen
1 ego™ two way Exterior Vent Screen
2 MERV 3 filters- (Pollen Filter -MERV 9 optional)
1 Polymer Sleeve- 20” or 510 mm (cut to length- typically used for two installations)
Wiring and Installation Instructions