Lunos Nexxt™ K HRV System

Introducing the Lunos Nexxt™ K

The Lunos Nexxt is a decentralized HRV is specially designed for larger spaces, not only homes but commercial spaces such as schools, offices, hotels and hospitals.

The Nexxt introduces a new operating concept; controlled via humidity or temperature sensors, the Nexxt achieves a heat recovery rate of up to 90 % through a highly efficient cross-flow heat exchanger (or optionally by a counter-flow heat exchanger).

The Nexxt is well suited as in areas that need to be particularly quiet and through the optional use of our F9 filter the Nexxt exceeds air quality standards many times over.


Technical Information:
Sound levels: from 17 db to 40 db
Power Consumption: from 1.0 w
Efficiency: 82.7%
Size: 6.1″ diameter and 6.6″ length (154 x 168 mm) – use in buildings with wall thicknesses of 2.9″ (200 mm)
System Includes:
1 Lunos Nexxt™ K Unit with Heat Recovery;
1 Lunos Universal Controller 5/UNI (Smart Control Upgrade)
Exterior Grills (optional aluminum grills available)
1 MERV 3 F9 filter
1 Polymer Sleeve- 20” or 510 mm
Wiring and Installation Instructions